SPNovember Prompt Fest

A November-long daily prompt fest for Supernatural! All fans welcomed

Masterlist of all works from the 2022 round

2021 Prompt List

SPNovember prompt list

1 : graveyard
2 : witchcraft and wonder
3 : blood calls to blood
4 : shadows
5 : no-tell motel
6 : cherry pie
7 : scars and/or sigils
8 : “Did you hear that??”
9 : Storms a’brewin’...
10 : the thing you should
not have forgotten
11 : road rage
12 : buried (secrets)
13 : emerald orbs
14 : highways and low ways
15 : outsider POV
16 : hair of the dog

17 : empty diner at midnight
18 : It’s curtains for us.
19 : breakdown
20 : fangs for the memories
21 : guilt or guilty pleasures
22 : Cryptidpalooza
23 : daydreams/nightmares
24 : mercy
25 : Americana
26 : The worms crawl in, the
worms crawl out.
27 : mirrors/reflections
28 : bad coffee on a
cold day
29 : Holy smokes!
30 : They were never,
in fact, homeless.

Rules & Posting

- The entire Supernatural fandom is welcome! Anyone 14 or older may participate. No previous writing, art, or challenge experience is required
- This challenge does not have sign ups or penalties
- Create any type of fanwork based on the provided prompts. Fill one or all 30
- Works should be set in the Supernatural universe and contain at least one character from Supernatural. You can also make crafts incorporating objects and symbols from the show!
- Works can be in any language
- There are no minimum or maximum word count or art requirements
- We have no content restrictions. Just tag your work honestly and thoroughly. (If you're under 18 when you post, keep your submissions rated G to Teen.)
- Post your work any time during the month of November, ideally on your chosen prompt's scheduled date

Posting information

Please aim to post on the date your prompt is assigned. Post anywhere you usually share your work.Here's how to share it with us:Submit it to us directly
Complete this form to add your work directly to our masterlist.
You can check the masterlist to see if we already have your work!On tumblr:
To make sure we can find and reblog your tumblr post:
- Tag your submission #spnovember
- Tag @spnovember in the body of the post so we receive the notification
- Tag and/or mention any ships (if relevant)
- Tag and/or mention any sensitive content
On Twitter:
If you'd like a RT from our account, please be sure to do the following:
- Tag your submission #spnovember (tagging @spnovemberfest is optional)
- Tag the main ship (if relevant)
- Tag adult content #NSFW
On AO3
Our AO3 collection is spnovember2021. It is open and unmoderated.
--We'll also be gathering works from all sites into a comprehensive masterlist, which we'll link later in the fest!


How creative can I be with prompt interpretation?
Be as creative as you wanna!
Do I have to post on the prompt's date? What if I miss it?
Our goal is to have content to share every day of the fest, so we will respect the daily prompts and share them on schedule as we progress through the month.
If you post early, we'll wait until the prompt's date to boost you on social. If you post beyond the prompt date, we'll share your work as it comes up in our feed. Better late than never!Can I combine prompts? If yes, when should I post?
Yes. If combining multiple prompts, you can post on the specified day for any of the prompts you use in a work.
Can I finish an existing WIP for the fest?
As long as you haven't posted the work anywhere previously, you can finish it for this fest!
Can I cross-post with other fests/bingo cards?
Yes, as long as what you post in November is a new work and fits one of our prompts.
Are Alternate Universes allowed?
What you make for SPNovember should be set in the SPN universe. The following AUs are okay:
- canon AUs (e.g. Dean Smith and Sam Wesson, the endverse)
- canon divergent AUs (e.g. Sam returns to law school after the Pilot)
- futurefic set in the canon universe or one of its canon AUs
- crossovers using the SPN universe or one of its canon AUs


Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @SPNovemberFest
Tumblr: @spnovember